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  • 3D Shopping Bags

    Packaging has never been enjoyable than it is now with our 3D packaging bags. They come in different sizes, beautiful designs and varied colors.

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  • Baler Twine

    Excellent packaging involves quality product handling. Nothing does it better than our baler twines. Beautiful colors, quality twines and affordable prices.

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  • D-Cut Carrier Bags

    Excellent carrying bags for your packaging needs. Available in different colors and sizes and thus no limits to size and color.

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  • disposable cups and plates

    Disposable Products

    We have the latest products in the disposables category. These includes but not limited to disposable cups, plates, spoons and forks.

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  • Khaki Bags

    Try our khaki bags, the best in town. Comes in different sizes and are tough enough to handle your products.


    Order them today either wholesale or retail, we deliver them same day within Nairobi.

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  • Non-woven Bags

    We give you every reason to be happy. Try our new and beautifully designed khaki bags. Different shapes and sizes available.

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  • Packing Net Rolls

    We have stocked the all new packing net rolls for you. Excellent packaging ability since can pack a wide variety of goods with much ease.

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  • Sacks (Gunia)

    These are special products to cater for items such as grains and others. Come in different sizes ranging from 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg and 90kg respectively.

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  • surgical masks

    Surgical Masks

    The government has put guidelines that everyone should put on a face mask, don’t miss it, get it from Swiss Packaging Ltd. Wherever you are, we supply them to you all over the country.

    Talk to us today on 0720334926, 0728517267, or 0790115435. You can also mail us on or through our social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  • Vest Bags

    These are suitable packaging products for carrying relatively small and light products. Tough to handle goods and reasonably large to carry a number of them.

    Order them today from our shop and enjoy amazing prices on the goods and pack more comfortably today. Whether its for you or your customers, we have prices for both retail and wholesale options.

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